Almost Home!

Solomon’s vocabulary has really exploded in the past few months. One of his favorite things to say when we’re riding in the car is “almost home”! It always makes us laugh, especially when we still have an hour or two before we’ll actually be home :).

We feel the same way right now about Guatemala. We are “almost home”! We are picking up the pace on our preparations for Guatemala. Some of our preparations include sending in our applications for Solomon and Grace’s passports, more frequent communication with other missionaries in the field, and putting our house up for rent in the next couple of months. It’s feeling very real now!



We have been so incredibly blessed by friends and family who have supported us through their finances, prayers and other means. We never would have known just how gracious people can be until we started our journey as missionaries. When our car was about to give out, a sweet family from our church offered us their car until we leave. When we were preparing our house for renting, our church sent out a team of guys to help. God is always reassuring us along the way that He is able to do much, much more than we could ever ask or think!

Our plan is to leave for Guatemala late this Fall. At this time we have 92% of our monthly support raised and 85% of our outgoing expenses. That means that we need about $500 more of our monthly support and $7 ,000 more of our outgoing expenses. We would like to challenge you to pray about helping us get to our 100% that we need to be able to leave on schedule. That could look like only five more supporters at $100 a month, 10 more supporters at $50 a month or 20 more supporters at $25 a month. We are so thankful for anything that you can give, especially your prayers! Please let us know if you have any questions at all about our ministry or if you would like for us to speak at your church/Bible study/etc.

In other news, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world June 3rd. She weighed six pounds and fourteen ounces and was 19 inches long. She is such a joy! Solomon loves her and seems to be  very protective of his baby sister. Next step…potty training!

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Thanks again for all of your prayers!

God Bless You,

Jordan, Hannah, Solomon & Grace