Finca Filadelfia

Less than ten minutes from our house in Antigua is a 700 acre coffee plantation called “Finca Filadelfia”. We decided to take the tour to learn more about one of Guatemala’s greatest assets.


There are more than 125,000 coffee plantations in the country of Guatemala. Many people agree that Guatemala has the best coffee in the world!

Here are the coffee beans green on the plant:


These are the little sprouts. You can see the coffee bean still attached. They splice the robust seedlings with the weaker, but better tasting ones for the perfect plant. Only women can do this splicing because their pH levels don’t destroy the delicate seedlings. Our guide said women can make over 150 grafts in an hour and feed their babies at the same time!


This is what the beans look like when they’re ripe. The skin is edible and has the caffeine equivalent of an espresso. I ate two…and am wired!


These are raw beans, ready for roasting:


Roasted beans:




The finished product! Yes, I am typing this with eyes WIDE open!




More coffee please!!!


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