Transition Number 1,306,054….

Our life is once again filled with transitions. After six months in Antigua for Hannah’s language school, we are moving into San Cristobal (a suburb of Guatemala City) where The Christian Academy of Guatemala is. We have been anxious to get here and begin what we came here to do! Of course Hannah will continue her language learning for a while. Learning Spanish will be a lifelong process for our whole family.

We found a nice apartment to rent for a really good price. We are now in the process of finding appliances, furniture, beds, etc. The almost eight months we have been here we have been in a furnished house so we haven’t needed anything. This part has been fun, but stressful. Some things here are really cheap and others are surprisingly expensive. We have some wonderful friends who have sent us bath towels since the best ones we could find here cost around $13 a piece! We are really excited to finally be able to have a “home” of our own!

Jordan has begun teaching at The Christian Academy of Guatemala. The school is on the same schedule as American schools. He is starting with a light schedule of teaching some of the chapels and teaching the 10th-11th grade boy’s discipleship classes. In January, after Hannah has finished her Spanish classes, he will take on a few Bible classes. The school is putting a much bigger emphasis on the student’s spiritual life than in years past. We are really excited about this, because that is our heart for them that they would grow strong in the word of God and with their relationship with Christ!

We are looking forward to seeing how God will use us in the coming months! Thank you for praying. We need so much prayer here as we are faced with many challenges. May God bless you

Jordan, Hannah, Solomon & Grace

Next July our mission CAM International is having a one week convention for all CAM International missionaries. We would like to attend this convention and stay a few extra weeks to spend a little time with friends and family. We have a few needs to make this happen so please let us know by email if you would be interested in filling one of these needs:


  • Plane tickets for all four of us (Grace will be 2 by that time)
  • A car to drive for a few weeks
  • A car seat for Grace to use while we’re there
  • The total cost for the convention is $1,000. That includes our food.


Also, we would love to come speak to your church or small group while we are in the states. Let us know if you would like to host something like that. Thanks again!

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