Is Guatemala in Your Future?

We are getting our first glimpse of what Christmas looks like in Guatemala. I have been surprised at how similar it is in many ways to the United States. I hear Christmas music in the grocery store, there are many artificial trees for sale (and a few real ones), people in our neighborhood have hung lights and decorations all over their house. They have Santa Claus and his reindeer, spiced punch and the burning of the devil day…Ok, so that was a new one for me! If you’re interesting in seeing what that was like you can look it up on Youtube. We decided to skip that event Smile. There are also fireworks at ALL hours of the night.

We live near the city where the 2% of Guatemala’s upper class live so we see the people that try to live lives similar to many middle class families in the United States and we also see the rest of Guatemala that makes less than $2 a day. It is a daily reality check when we feel sad that we have to cut back on spending so we can get Solomon a big metal dump truck for Christmas when there are people that live their lives from day to day not knowing where their next meal will come from…and they live down the street from us and other Guatemalans that live in pretty nice homes.

We feel a pull to help out with the orphanages and other outreaches that help the poor even though our main ministry is to minister to missionary kids. We help out where we can, but we have to remind ourselves that God has called us to a very specific purpose. We are here to help strengthen the spiritual and emotional lives of the missionary kids so that they and their parents can stay here longer and invest their energy into working at orphanages, supplying clean water, building schools to educate kids that would have no education. Don’t quote me on this, but I have heard that the number one reason for missionaries leaving the field is problems with other missionaries (how sad!) but reason number 2? Family issues. We know that God has put us here to help with that. Still…

We wish that we could do everything, but unfortunately we can’t…

But maybe you can help? There are so many opportunities here in Guatemala to serve the Lord. If you ever get a chance to go on a mission trip with your church, GO! It will change your life! Who knows, maybe God wants for you to come to Guatemala as a full-time missionary and use your specific gifts to serve Him here. If you have never considered the idea I challenge you to pray about it! I believe that God has given us each gifts and abilities to use for Him. It think He has allowed us to go through situations in our lives so that we can relate to others. How does God want you to use your gifts and experiences? It may have nothing to do with Guatemala…but it might Winking smile.

“He Himself gives to all people life and breath and all things; and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; for in Him we live and move and exist,” Acts 17:25-28

Jumping into Ministry!

¡Hola! ¿Cómo están ustedes? (Hi! How are you?) We are doing great here in beautiful Guatemala! For a few weeks we had non-stop, heavy rain that caused many mudslides and destroyed many houses in more rural areas. We are thankful now that the rainy season seems to be over for the year and we have had beautiful sunny 70 degree days.

We have really been missing family as we enter into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Being in Guatemala without family has given us the opportunity to come up with more of our own holiday traditions. In Guatemala City more people want to celebrate the holidays than ever before and I have even found pumpkins and an artificial Christmas tree!

Jordan is really enjoying teaching his 11th grade guys’ discipleship class. He has seen a huge desire from them for growth in their spiritual lives. They have stepped out and decided to become better leaders to the other students at CAG. They recently assisted in the middle school chapel service where they each shared how they accepted Christ. Beginning in January Jordan will be taking on a little more responsibility at the school by teaching Bible classes every day. You can pray that the students will enjoy learning about the Bible and that it would lead them to a stronger relationship with Christ!

We have been attending a Spanish speaking Guatemalan church near our home that has some really great teaching (and I, Hannah, finally understand most of it!). Last Sunday we were reminded how important it is to have a large group of people supporting us. The teaching drew from several stories in Acts of ordinary people who had other jobs and little to no Bible training. They realized that God was asking them to help in whatever way they could. They were faithful, and assisted people like Paul and Peter do amazing things. It reminds us that we need people that support us and that we need to find ways to support others. Thank you so much for supporting us in every way that you do. We need your prayers! God bless you and we hope you have a Thanksgiving full of thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Jordan, Hannah, Solomon & Grace