Life & Ministry in Guatemala…


LIFE: Wow! We have now been in Guatemala for over a year! It’s hard to believe. In some ways the time has flown by and in other ways it feels like we have been here for years. There are things about Guatemala that were so strange to us before that we now accept as a part of life. A few examples of that would be:

Fireworks! Any time of the night and for any reason at all…potholes in the road that can do serious damage to your car…men urinating on public walls…women nursing their children in the open and sometimes that child is five years old…children eating food that is clearly unsanitary…a family of four riding down the road on a motorcycle with a cylinder of gas tied to the back…buses carrying more people than I ever thought possible (I think Guatemala actually set a world record recently)…news reports of politicians being assassinated (29 in 2011 is what I read)…armed guards in the parking lot of every store…earthquakes…landslides…everyone owns a cell phone, even the poorest indigenous people…and the list could go on.


One of the most important things that was stressed at our training before we came to Guatemala is that we were going to see things in our country that would be VERY different. It’s not weird, it’s just different. It’s not necessarily wrong, it’s just different. I think I have repeated those words many times since I’ve gotten here. There is a popular song on the radio here by a Guatemalan artist. My favorite line from it says “Aprendes a querer la espina o no aceptes rosas”, meaning “Learn to love the thorn or don’t accept the roses.” I feel like that captures Guatemala perfectly. There are many thorns, but the beauty of Guatemala overshadows them. We absolutely love it here in spite of the things that are “different”.


IN MINISTRY NEWS: Jordan is still teaching Bible at the Christian Academy of Guatemala. He is now teaching 7th, 9th & 10th grade Bible classes and teaching the 11th grade boys’ discipleship class. He also does chapel teaching from time to time and is there for the students as a mentor wherever he can be a part of their lives. Our hope for the MK’s is that the Bible and the Gospel of Christ would be a real part of their daily lives. We want for the MK’s time in Guatemala to be meaningful and to open the door for future possibilities in missions wherever their lives take them. Hannah is staying at home with Solomon and Grace, and assisting Jordan wherever she can. She also attends a Bible study each week where she is able to fellowship more with Spanish speaking women.

VISITING THE STATES & CONVOCATION: We will be in the US this June and July to visit family and friends and to attend our mission’s week-long conference in Denver, Colorado. The conference (Convocation) is only held every 10 years and all CAM International missionaries are required to attend. CAM is going through a name change right now that will better reflect their goal of reaching Spanish speakers globally and not only in Central America. The new name is “Camino Global”. We are excited about the change, and while it won’t affect much of what we are doing, it does open the door for our mission to reach a broader group of people.

We have about half of the cost of our airline tickets covered, but we still need about $1,000 to cover the rest. Thankfully our other pressing needs have been covered! We are hoping to be able to spend some time with you during our time in the States. We will be in Alabama for most of June and then in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Dallas during July. Please let us know if you would like to see us!

Con Mucho Amor,

Jordan, Hannah, Solomon & Grace