Staying Well

Summers in the City in Guatemala are so different from the rest of the year. The past two summers we had a reason to be in the States and missed most of the summer here. We are looking forward to the things that we get to do this summer (like sompopo hunting) and experiencing other ministries in Guatemala, but it will be different. We miss our friends and family in the States so much! This is an excerpt from great blog post from The Culture Blend (click the link to read the whole thing) about how it feels to stay somewhere when everyone else is leaving:

Leaving is hard.  Being left is harder.

Transition is a huge part of life for an expat.  That’s understood.  By the time you sign on you’ve wrapped your head around the fact that you’re about to trade normal for unknown.  Returning home is the same story with a twist.  There are seminars for all of that.

What they don’t tell you in the brochure, however, is that the transition never stops.  Expat communities are a revolving door and just about the time you start to adjust to your new found normal, people leave, and your normal changes again.

It’s the Expat Exodus . . . transient people coming and going.  Tough all around.”

Sompopo hunting:

Grace sampopo Soly & Grace Soly

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