Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad!

We would like to thank everyone that has participated in our 30 for 30 campaign. So far you have helped us reach the halfway mark! We are still lacking $350 monthly to be fully supported, but we are so grateful for how you have gotten us this far! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Raising support can be such a challenge because we know very much how it feels to think about every purchase and worry about whether there will be enough at the end of the month. We are so incredibly humbled every time someone gives of their money to what we are doing here in Guatemala.

Our mission here has always been to minister to missionary kids and youth at the Christian Academy of Guatemala (C.A.G.). We do that through counseling, discipleship, Bible classes and academic classes like Jordan’s Psychology class and Hannah’s Science class. Along with an amazing staff, we want to help the students at C.A.G. have the best experience possible in Guatemala. The second most common reason for missionaries to leave the field is family problems. We are trying to develop healthy youth and healthy relationships with their families so that the whole families can be successful in what God has called them to do.


(11th grade boys’ discipleship group)


(We took our discipleship groups to Hermano Pedro, a disabled children’s hospital, to minister to the kids.)

C.A.G. allows parents to work wholeheartedly in their specific ministries during the day so that they can have family time after school. Most C.A.G. families include their kids in ministry outside of school hours, which is so important, but they also have dedicated times where they can fully focus on their mission. Here are a few examples of the many ministries that families of C.A.G. are involved in:

guate missionsshape

We have been so blessed to know people that are doing such amazing things in Guatemala. Not just coming in and doing work, but including Guatemalans in their visions. Our hope is that our role at C.A.G. plays a little part in helping them accomplish big things that lead Guatemalans to Christ.

In other news, December 31-Jan 3 Jordan will be leading some sessions and devotional times at Camino’s MKonnections; a retreat for missionary kids from Camino Global. Please pray that it would be a great time of learning, bonding and refreshment for the MKs.

To God be the Glory,

Jordan, Hannah, Solomon & Grace

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