Sweet Home Alabama!

Hello Friends!

Last January marked FOUR YEARS of ministering in Guatemala!


(A little throw back to our first month here)

Our next big life event: A seven month long furlough!

Our mission recommends a year every four years, but we feel like seven months will be a good opportunity for us to reconnect with our partners in ministry while only missing one semester at the Christian Academy of Guatemala. We are also incredibly excited to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with family for the first time in four years! And how could we forget the joy of going to an Auburn football game??? Oh, and Chick-fil-A… We are just a little bit excited about some of the joys of home even though we will miss our home in Guatemala while we are gone!

God has always taken such good care of us throughout all of our many transitions and we trust that this one will be no different. We will be renting our Guatemala home out while we are gone to cover our rent that we pay here and we will stay in our little home in Alabama when we are not traveling.

When we left the States we sold or gave away most of our “stuff” so we would like to ask for some help with our basic needs. If you have any of the following items around your house taking up space and could sell them cheap or loan them out to us for the seven months that we will be in the States we would really appreciate it! We are looking for function and don’t care what anything looks like. We will need the following items pretty quickly after arriving in Alabama:

A vehicle: This one is a big one! We will be visiting some out of State ministry partners in June so we need a vehicle that is reliable at least for the month of June. After that anything that runs will work for us.

Booster car seats for the kids

Beds: Jordan and I are looking for one for us and two for the kids. Bunks would be great for the kids because our space is limited and bunks with storage are a double plus!

A couch

Small desk and office chair

Bicycles for Solomon & Grace (this is not a need, but we would love to buy these for cheap if you have one that is not being used)

We hope and pray that this furlough will be a time of reconnecting and refreshment before embarking on the next phase of ministry. Thank you so much for ministering alongside us through your prayers and all of the ways that you have supported us financially and with your time. We truly could not do this without you!

30 for 30

We are still lacking about $300 of monthly funds to be at our full support level. That could mean 10 people giving $30 a month or 30 people giving $10 a month. We are hoping to get our support level where it needs to be before returning to Guatemala.

In case you were wondering what our lives here look like right now:

We have been keeping ourselves busy lately at the Christian Academy of Guatemala. Jordan teaches Bible and most of his day he counsels youth that come to his office wanting direction about various issues. Hannah is an advisor for the 7th graders and teaches them Science once a day. We both help lead a discipleship class once a week after our weekly chapel service. Solomon is a superstar reader in 1st grade and Grace is pretty much always living in the fantasy world of the movie Frozen when she is not being a ballerina.

bunny Grace ballet1

We recently began hosting a small group Bible study in our home on Sunday nights so please keep that in your prayers.

Last, but definitely not least: Over the Christmas break Jordan was given the privilege of teaching/counseling/being involved in our mission’s 2nd annual missionary kid conference. Our mission’s MK ministry of this kind is in its grass roots phase and we hope to be involved in developing a more consistent ministry for the Camino Global missionary kids in the future. Please be praying about our future involvement in this ministry!


(MKonnections Conference)

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope!

Jordan, Hannah, Solomon & Grace

One thought on “Sweet Home Alabama!

  1. Thanks for the update! Good to hear all your news. I pray God will provide for your furlough needs and continue to fill you with joy in Him. Thank you for your faithful service and trust in Him! Blessings, -Joanna

    “Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.” -Psalm 9:10 my website – http://godisgracious.net/ my personal blog – http://joyoharris.blogspot.com/ my health blog – http://supereigirl.blogspot.com/

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