A New Kind of MK Ministry

For four and a half years we have been ministering at the Christian Academy of Guatemala. Our desire was always to care for the kids of missionaries so that the parents could accomplish their ministries and so that the students would have the best possible experience on the mission field. The second most common reason that missionaries leave the mission field is because of family issues. We are trying to prevent that as much as possible where missionary kids are concerned. MKs have been dear to our hearts for many years. Our plan was to do this in Guatemala indefinitely, but God had other plans for us. We are excited to announce that our ministry to MKs has taken a new direction!


As most of you know, we have been very involved with our mission’s (Camino Global) missionary kid retreats for the past couple of years. In July, after our most recent retreat, we had a leadership meeting where it was confirmed by Camino Global’s leaders that our mission needs a full-time ministry to our missionary kids. We were asked to head up that ministry and have accepted the position! This means that we will be relocating to Dallas, Texas sometime early this year. From there we will minister to all of Camino Global’s missionary kids in the US and in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and several other countries. We will do this through field visits, counseling, re-entry retreats, coaching and more!


This will be a huge transition for us. Please keep our family in your prayers as we embark on this new journey. Some specific things you can pray for are:

  • Good transitions for the kids.
  • That we would find an affordable home. We are saving for a down payment, but we are not where we need to be yet.
  • Continued financial support.
  • Direction and wisdom as we develop ways to care for Camino’s MKs.

If you have any questions about our ministry or would like to hear more about what we will be doing, please let us know (email: jself@caminoglobal.org, cell: (205) 470-9936).


(We visited Washinton D.C. on our road trip last summer)


2 thoughts on “A New Kind of MK Ministry

  1. Hello friends! I found this post after Tim Blycker liked it on Facebook. 🙂 You don’t know me, but Tim does. I was a Camino MK – my parents were with CAM International in Guatemala (and Costa Rica, and Mexico), for about 20 years (1969-1989). Today I am 50, happily married with two kids of my own, and settled in the Denver area. I’ve spent significant time dealing with MK issues, and thinking and talking about those issues with other MK’s.

    As you consider how to minister to MK’s and their families, I don’t know if you have a place where adult MK’s might be useful, but if you do, I’d love to help. 🙂

    1. Thank you Marcy! We are just starting this ministry, but we would love for adult MKs to be included eventually. Jordan was an MK in Bolivia for 8 years and we have a big heart for MKs of all ages :).

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