Life and Ministry in Texas


I don’t know if this is an actual word or not, but if it isn’t it should be because it explains a feeling that missionary kids know all too well. A few weeks ago we had our 3rd annual missionary kid retreat near Tyler, Texas. The retreat is a time for our Camino Global missionary kids from high school to college/career to come together with like-minded people and celebrate their lives as MKs. We offer times of worship in English and Spanish, sessions that help them understand things like adjusting to U.S. culture, the importance of values, healthy transition, and much more. We were sad to see the MKs leave at the end of the retreat. Many of them are heading on to new phases of life like college, career, missions, etc. Please keep them in your prayers! We would love for our churches and prayer partners to take our MKs under their wings and choose one or two to pray for and bless with encouragement or a care package from time to time. Please contact us if you are interested in doing this.


Solomon & Lizzie representing the Solomon Islands during our MK Olympics!


We are so thankful that the Lord led us to the perfect home for us (2043 Moonlight Trail. Heartland, TX 75126)! We are located less than twenty minutes from our mission, Camino Global. We live less than a mile from the kid’s elementary school and so far they love it! You can pray that they would adjust well to a new school and that they would make a few good friends. The summer has been HOT and dry; so dry that we are required to WATER the foundation of our house to keep it from cracking. We are really looking forward to a cooler fall!

First Day of School


Jordan is settling into his new role as the Director of Missionary Kid Ministries. He has had the joy of spending time with our MKs that live around the Dallas area and a few that have passed through when their families returned to the States for a furlough. September 13-17 he will be taking a trip to Liberty University to recruit for Camino Global and to visit with four of our MKs that are students there. Please pray that his time there would be inspiring to college students that are considering mission work and that our MKs would be encouraged.

Another part of our ministry here in Dallas is to be a part of the pastoral care team at Camino Global. Different pastoral care missionaries from each field are coming together to create a way for the pastoral team to be unified and to help our Camino missionaries the best way possible through any of the struggles or hardships that they go through on the field. This will involve some field visits to Spanish speaking countries from time to time so please pray that we would have the funds available for travel when we need to do that. Field visits also give us a great opportunity to connect with our MKs on the field.

Camino Global Pastoral Care Team


In other Self news, we are anticipating the arrival of our sweet baby girl, due October 17th! Please pray for a healthy delivery and a smooth as possible adjustment as we add another Self to our family. Solomon and Grace already love her!


Last, but not least, we are feeling the need for a small, older, but reliable second car mostly for Jordan to use locally. Please pray as we seek a way to make this happen. We know that if it is truly a need that the Lord will provide for it somehow. Every time we begin to stress about life, God shows us that we didn’t need to worry even for a minute. He has always provided everything we have needed and more!

If you ever have any questions about our ministry or how you can be more involved in the life of a missionary kid please email us, call us (Jordan: 205-470-9936, Hannah: 205-643-5938), or send us a message on Facebook! We would love to get you more involved in caring for an MK. We have really felt your prayers during our transition to this newest phase of our ministry to MKs. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We could not do it without you partnering with us!

Grace and Peace to you!

Jordan, Hannah, Solomon & Grace

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